Our sisterhood is very important to us, creating one-of-a-kind bonds that last a lifetime. We were drawn together by our shared values and purposes, but stay together because we genuinely enjoy being with each other. Any reason to get together with our sisters is a good one, whether it's for a Mamma Mia movie night, a fun makeup tutorial, studying for a big organic chemistry exam, our bi-annual sisterhood retreats, or just wanting an excuse to go out to dinner. Being with sisters is like being with family. Our sisterhood is an infinite source of love and support. From bigs and littles to our alumnae network, a Chi Omega can always find a sister wherever and whenever she needs one. Our sisterhood is vast and diverse. As Chi Omegas, we are part of something greater than ourselves.

What Are Sisters Saying

I love Chi O because it has brought some of the funniest, most influential, and individual people into my life and I’ll forever be grateful
— Mae Desmarais
I love being a Chi O because I am surrounded by people who (literally) pick me up when I’m down.
— Lauren Handel
These girls bring out the best in me. They inspire me to do better, and are my support system. They make me laugh till I cry, tolerate my weird accents, and endorse my meme obsessions.
— Jackie Magaha
I love Chi O because it brought me a new family away from home. It is a place that I can grow surrounded by amazing women that share the same values that I do!
— Erinn Jambor
Chi Omega has given me a support system I didn’t even know I was missing, opportunities I wouldn’t have had otherwise, and amazing, strong, and inspirational women to look up to!
— Rachel Quinlivan