Emily Schneider-


I consider the Dunkin Donuts order On-the-Go app both my weakness and life's greatest blessing, and am a proud stereotypical New Englander who gets iced coffee in the middle of winter. I studied abroad in Costa Rica and annoy all my friends now by throwing random Spanish words into conversation, and will gladly talk to anyone who will listen about my time there. I love classic rock, country music, and 90s and 2000s classics (think Sean Kingston and the Backstreet Boys), which results in a lot of really random Spotify playlists. A few of my other favorite things include, but are not limited to: Maine, my pet hedgehog, dino shaped chicken nuggets, metal straws, a good pun, and of course, Chi Omega. I am beyond excited to continue to give back to this incredible chapter and to have the opportunity to represent all of my sisters on our campus!


Rachel Quinlivan-

Vice President

I’m a chocolate-loving, Game of Thrones watching, out-of-shape rock climber. I fondly refer to my major as “nerd herding” and I am so grateful for all of the people that WPI and Chi Omega have introduced me to! I love coffee and have a strong loyalty to Starbucks. My go to fun facts are that I can recite the ABCs backwards (I was very bored on a bus ride once) and I recently received my Irish passport, so I am looking forward to travelling and even living in Europe.


Colleen West-


Best described as "deceptively athletic", I adore an odd mix of sports including snowboarding, surfing, paddleboarding, and roller skating. I was raised to love the magic of Disney- I've been to Disney World 10 times with family and friends, and my most special possession is a necklace from Epcot that I wear every day. Give me some 70's music and mozzarella sticks and we'll definitely be friends! My favorite things are chacos, yankee candles, and the card holder on the back of my phone. The flaw that is most indicative of my personality: I still eat cheese all the time despite the fact that I’m newly lactose intolerant. If you ask any of my friends, they'll tell you I'm basically a suburban soccer mom, and at this point I'm between embracing it or getting new friends. I’ve found love and the greatest friends in Chi Omega, and I’m so excited to give back to our incredible chapter!


Kate Amrein-

New Member Educator

I frequently say “nugs” if I make a mistake or am frazzled and am a firm believer that a warm hug from a friend or a friendly smile and wave can brighten anyone’s day! If I’m studying with you in the CC and I disappear for a little bit, do not fret, because I probably got sidetracked and went to talk to half a dozen different people, I saw on my way to Dunks that I really wanted to give a hug to. If you check my Spotify playlists, you will see a whole lot of 70s rock with some catchy 2000s throwbacks sprinkled in there. My favorite artist is Monet and even though I can’t sing, I absolutely love seeing Broadway musicals. Chi Omega has given me the opportunity to be a part of a sisterhood filled with a multitude of inspiring and remarkable women. I remain ever grateful in a family of women who share the same values and ideals as I do. I look forward to sharing our ritual with them and how Chi Omega will be forever in their hearts.


Emily Thayer-

Personnel Chair

I have a passion for sleeping, complaining about things both within and outside of my control, correcting grammar, and adding events to my Outlook calendar. My night life consists of a bedtime of 9:30 or 10:00 if I’m feeling particularly wild. I love volunteering and taking part of every aspect of campus life that my free time allows. I pride myself in being efficient and yet, I have the same passion for procrastinating, making college one heck of a time! I love doing DIYs on my own time. Additionally, I event plan campus-wide events in SocComm and I’m excited to take on an executive position in Chi Omega. I’m ready to contribute to the betterment of this organization and I’m excited to be able to help my sisters in any way I can!


Erinn Jambor-

Panhellenic Delagate

I am from the beautiful St. Paul MN, and anyone who knows me knows I love Minnesota and talking about it. I am a huge fan of reality tv especially anything that mtv produces. I am obsessed with personality tests (I'm a proud Hufflepuff, an ESTJ Meyers brigs, and a 7wing8 enneagram) and I could talk about them forever. I thrive off of black coffee and bread and I have a HUGE sweet tooth. I love nothing more than hanging with my friends and laughing till we cry. Chi Omega has given me so much and I’m so grateful for all the friendships and experiences I’ve had within this incredible sisterhood. Im so excited to give back to Chi Omega and the Panhellenic community and I’m looking forward to what the year holds!


Michelle Fleming-

Recruitment Chair

Basically I am just a huge fan of life. I live for an adventure and I find any and all things fun. You can find me at the beach this Summer either pretending I am Moana or a Pirate. On campus you can find me in random study locations that no one else goes to with a gross colored smoothie I made with miscellaneous fruits and vegetables. If you look at my Spotify playlists you will quickly learn that I am a huge weirdo and I like anything that is different (you can also tell this by looking at the clothes I wear). Most of all I love all of my Chi Omega sisters. Joining Chi Omega was by far the best decision I made in college. I have grown so much as a person and my sisters inspire me to be better everyday. I cannot wait to see what the future brings and I am so grateful I have the opportunity to give back to the chapter as Recruitment Chair!


Carly Campbell-

Director of Programming

According to my friends all I talk about is Rhode Island, the beach, tv shows, and indie music and to be honest they’re not wrong. Making Spotify playlists and knitting while watching Game of Thrones are two of my favorite past times. I love a good cup of coffee. I strongly feel that fall is the superior season and breakfast is the superior meal. I'm the most indecisive person there is. I’ve probably seen every rom com ever. My two favorite bands are Vampire Weekend and Rainbow Kitten Surprise (hey I didn’t pick the names). I love cornbread and calamari. I hate cilantro. I enjoy taking artsy photos to put on the gram. Basically, I love a lot of things and Chi Omega is definitely one of them.


Brittany Jette-Facilities Manager

Adventure and thrills are what I live for! I love being outside and enjoying nature in all forms, whether it be the beach, the mountain, the snow or the sun. Animals are my passion and I probably like my dog more than I like people. I enjoy the simple things in life, like chocolate and sunsets! I choose to be happy every day because nothing is a guarantee and life is beautiful.