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Sam Moriarty-


Huuuugggeee musical fan over here. Mamma Mia, Hamilton and Burlesque are some of my favs. My go-to study music ranges from humming the Bach Cello Suites to dancing in my chair to 2000’s Middle School hits. You can always find me upstairs in the library until they force me out at closing time (which is 1 a.m) #teamnosleep! I always have to carry around different colored pens because I am a weirdo who can’t take decent notes otherwise. I’m also really passionate about building relationships with people and helping others. I love volunteering with Habitat for Humanity and the Wrentham Developmental Center. Chi Omega has given me more than a sisterhood; it’s given me a support system at 3 a.m when I need someone to talk to, nacho dates after a really long week, study sessions for that final you’re worried about, and belly laughs that leave you in tears on the ground. The memories and lifelong friendships I have made here are undeniable and I am so excited to see what the future holds for Theta Mu!

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Jenn Whelehan-

Vice President

Coca Cola and chocolate are my go-to’s in every situation- from stressed to celebrating.

Having people (shout-out to my sisters) that support me, teach me, and advise me not only emboldens me to achieve, but inspires me to do the same for them and others. I’ve been to Ireland multiple times (I’m 100% Irish ☘️), I’ve been to Albania once, I’ve ridden in a hot air balloon, love camping, and am more often very very busy than not. Oh, do the first letters of these four sentences spell something? 



Jen Mague-


If all I could do was eat buffalo chicken pizza and watch any Marvel film for the rest of my life I would die a happy woman. I think it’s a tragedy that there’s more dogs in shelters than I can own. I traveled to Europe (Italy, Albania, and Greece specifically) for the first time last fall and realized how easily you can gain 15 pounds. I ate literally any gelato or carb related dish I could get. I joined Chi Omega when I was a sophomore in college and it’s been the best decision I’ve made at WPI so far. I couldn’t imagine not knowing the ladies I know now. They have been such a source of inspiration and laughter, and the good times just keep coming!


Angela MacLeod-


It’s kind of ironic that I’m treasurer since I personally hate spending money, but it also works because I’m all about budgeting it. My taste in music tends to include things people like to hate on like country and Taylor Swift (I’m sorry I can’t just unknow all the words to all of her songs). Some “cool” things about me is that I can name all 50 states in alphabetical order because of a song I learned in 3rd grade and one time Mark Ruffalo came to one of my classes in high school. My hobbies include chasing sunsets, watching college basketball, making pasta for dinner every night, and rewatching The Office for the tenth time. I’m glad what a big part of my life Theta Mu and Chi Omega have become and one of my favorite fun facts is being a part of this sisterhood!

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Emily Schneider-

New Member Educator

My go-to song choice for anything is Beautiful Girls by Sean Kingston, ask any of my closest friends and they’ll tell you it’s true. Aside from listening to all types of music (the first concert I went to was The Who), I love spending any free time I have with friends or outside (or both!). I love hiking and camping, and love being at my family’s cabin up in Maine. I have a pet hedgehog, creatively named Hedgie, and love any and all animals. Some talents of mine include, but are not limited to, setting off the fire alarms when making mac and cheese, laughing harder at my own jokes than everyone else does, and spending money on things I probably don’t need. Chi Omega has been one of the greatest parts of my college experience so far, and I cannot wait to show our next new member class, as well as all of our current sisters, how important and special our history and ritual are.


Emily Thayer-

Personnel Chair

I have a passion for sleeping, complaining about things both within and outside of my control, correcting grammar, and adding events to my Outlook calendar. My night life consists of a bedtime of 9:30 or 10:00 if I’m feeling particularly wild. I love volunteering and taking part of every aspect of campus life that my free time allows. I pride myself in being efficient and yet, I have the same passion for procrastinating, making college one heck of a time! I love doing DIYs on my own time. Additionally, I event plan campus-wide events in SocComm and I’m excited to take on an executive position in Chi Omega. I’m ready to contribute to the betterment of this organization and I’m excited to be able to help my sisters in any way I can!


Rachel Doucette-

Panhellenic Delagate

Meeting new people is my passion! I am a black belt in karate. My fun fact that I use for everything is that I am allergic to mint so I have to use children's toothpaste. I love documentaries, talking, shopping, and candy. I hate being alone and always have a friend or family member with me. I prefer Hulu to Netflix. My motto is don't wish for it work for it! I love challenging myself and setting personal goals in order to strive to be better.  I love Chi Omega and our Greek community and am super excited to be involved in Panhel as Chi Omega’s Panhellenic Delegate! I am so grateful to Chi Omega and Theta Mu and can’t wait to see what the future holds.


Katie Vasconcelos-

Recruitment Chair

I am a complete Disney girl at heart and am constantly planning my next Disney vacation. When I’m not in the lab you can find me baking magic bars, watching The Office for the 50th time, playing some random video game with friends, or talking about my future home in California. Fall Out Boy and Imagine Dragons have stolen my heart. I’m allergic to Benadryl (ironic) and caffeine (yes, college is extremely difficult and seeing people with their coffees is always sad) but caffeine free Coca Cola makes up for it. Chi Omega has given me the home that I never knew I needed. I am so excited to serve as our Recruitment Chair and cannot wait for the upcoming recruitment season!


Katie Sheehy-

Director of Programming

I love photography, and am always looking to travel or hike somewhere new to capture the perfect photo and see something new – I even have my own photography website! I love to travel, and over the summer I took a road trip through Switzerland, Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, and Lichtenstein. I am so happy and excited to give back to the chapter that has given me so much as the Director of Programming, and couldn’t be more thankful for how Chi Omega has helped give me the confidence to be a leader and shape who I am today.