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Carly Campbell-

Director of Community Service

My friends often joke around that all I talk about is Rhode Island, the beach, coffee, and indie music and to be honest they’re not wrong. My favorite tv shows are The OA and Game of Thrones. I cannot run for the life of me. I strongly feel that fall is the superior season and breakfast the superior meal. I love to tie-dye anything I can get my hands on. I’ve probably seen every rom com ever. My two favorite bands are Vampire Weekend and Rainbow Kitten Surprise (hey I didn’t pick the names). I love cornbread and calamari. I hate cilantro. I enjoy taking artsy photos to put on the gram. And I’m so so excited I’m able to pursue my passion for community service through Chi Omega!


Eveline Reddington-

Director of Philanthropy

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love traveling. Whether it is a big trip to my favorite place in the US, San Diego, or a day trip to the beach, I am always looking for someone to come on adventures with me. I love figure skating, and my go-to fun fact is that I have met and skated with some of the most famous Olympic Figure Skaters. During the school year, I enjoy cheering on the WPI football and basketball teams as a WPI cheerleader, and am a Community Advisor, who helps the incoming freshman class get adjusted to college life during their first semester on campus. As the Director of Philanthropy for Chi Omega I organize events, such as Wish Week, CHIpOtle, and Wish Night, to fundraise for the Make-A-Wish foundation. I love planning our philanthropy events because I work directly with my sisters to have fun and raise money for a cause that we are all passionate about.


Rachel Quinlivan-

Director of Career and Personal Development

I’m a chocolate-loving, Game of Thrones watching, out-of-shape rock climber. I fondly refer to my major as “nerd herding” and I am so grateful for all of the people that WPI and Chi Omega have introduced me to! I love coffee and have a strong loyalty to Starbucks. My go to fun facts are that I can recite the ABCs backwards (I was very bored on a bus ride once) and I recently received my Irish passport, so I am looking forward to travelling and even living in Europe. As Director of C&PD, I’m excited to help my sisters in Theta Mu become the boss ladies I know they can be!

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Jackie Magaha-Director of Sisterhood

I hate fun facts and would rather take a razor scooter to my Achilles than say a fun fact. But nevertheless, if I was a kitchen appliance I'd be a panini maker, cause other than me eating them everyday I like bringing people together and making them feel warm. Also gooey cheese is the best. I thrive off of puns and am a meme queen! My spirit animal is a squirrel because they are energetic, playful, prepared, and resourceful! One of my summer jobs was a "guacamole connoisseur" where I literally made guac live in front of tables at a Mezcal. The kids loved it.

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Sophia Gervasio-

Director of Friendship and Social

Energized and constantly socializing, I’m always found in the campus center at WPI with a coffee in hand. Dino Nugs make me happy and I am always down for a second dessert. I’m passionate about the medical device industry, traveling, exploring, and trying new things. I’ll always be around for a vent sesh, gym buddy, sunrise hike, or late night jam session/dance party.

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Ilana Zeldin-

Director of Campus Activities

My favorite things are dogs, hiking, and travelling and I take any chance I can to be outdoors in a new place with a dog by my side. I prefer the mountains to the beach and coffee to tea.  In my free time you can find me playing violin in the WPI orchestra, eating sushi, running, or watching Game of Thrones. I’m afraid of butterflies and allergic to pineapples, but that hasn’t stopped me yet. I’m thrilled to be serving as the Director of Campus Activities for Theta Mu this year and I can’t wait to see how our chapter grows on campus this year!


Eve George-

Director of Marketing

If you were to ask me at any given time what’s on my mind, my answer would almost always be traveling! As cliche as it sounds, I love visiting new places, cultures, and find myself most comfortable in unfamiliar environments. Being from Maine, I’m a huge fan of the outdoors and love anything that involves hiking or mountains! As I’m a senior this academic year, I’ve had a lot of time to reflect on my college years and especially everything that Chi Omega has provided me with. I love serving as the Director of Marketing, as it allows me the ability to show the public how amazing our chapter is, and I’m excited for our fifth year on campus with my amazing sisters!


Colleen West-

Alumni Chair

I’m a snowboarder, paddleboarder, mac and cheese lover, and a Disney fanatic who has not been to Disney World nearly enough (is 10 times a lot?)  My sense of style is severely limited to either sweatshirt/leggings or norts/comfy tshirt combos, depending on the weather. I collect succulents like it's my full time job and candles like I'm a suburban soccer mom. I sometimes snort when I laugh too hard, which is funny for everyone else in the room but me. You’ll never catch me missing an episode of Brooklyn-99, but you will catch me being comically unphotogenic in almost every picture I’m in. I’m so excited to improve our chapter's relations with Theta Mu alumni this year!


Brooke Honzel-

Facilities Manager

At any given point in time, you can find me in either the library or the campus center with a coffee in one hand and my planner in the other! I’m a biology nerd and a med school hopeful, but I hate any jokes about how the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell (be original with your bio jokes!!). If I’m not studying (which is rare), I’m probably sleeping or watching Netflix (I’ve watched The Office, Parks and Rec, and Grey’s Anatomy probably a thousand times each). I’ve made it my personal mission to pet every dog that I see on campus, so let me know if you see a puppy somewhere! Chi Omega has given me some of my best friends and some of my best memories, and I’m so grateful to be able to give back as Facilities Manager. Stop by the house to say hello and to see what our wonderful facility has to offer!