Payton Bielawskil-

Director of Community Service

I love chocolate, traveling, and any food involving cheese. I’ll listen to basically any type of music and I’m OBSESSED with bulldogs. A couple fun facts about me are that I was named after a football player (Walter Payton, not Peyton Manning), I play ukulele, and I can speak a little bit of Polish. When I’m not busy with school and extracurriculars, I love spending time with friends and doing anything outdoors, including hiking, camping and spending time on the lake. I’m also a big fan of spontaneous road trips, chasing sunsets, and spending obnoxious amounts of money on concerts, even though I shouldn’t. I’ve always loved volunteering and helping others, and I’m so excited to share that passion with my sisters while serving as Director of Community Service this year!


Sydney Yeaw-

Director of Philanthropy

Travelling is my passion, but when I need a rest you can catch me curling up on the couch with my girl gang and a great snack to play games or watch our favorites on TV, including, but not limited to, Brooklyn 99, crime documentaries, and classic rom coms. I have a pet bunny named Midnight and he is one of my best friends. We both share the same favorite passtime: taking a long nap after a nice meal. As Director of Philianthropy, I am excited to share the passion that my sisters and I have for Make-a-Wish and ensure that my sisters recognize the role that we play in changing kids' lives.


Lauren Handel-

Director of Career and Personal Development

This past summer I had three absolute dream jobs - dog walking, teaching kids tennis, and scooping ice cream. I'm excited for my internship this upcoming summer as well. I absolutely love dogs and I can't wait to have one of my own in two years! I grew up on the Cape and I have a great appreciation for the outdoors. I love surfing, swimming, hiking, and going for walks outside. I am so excited to contribute to Chi Omega as Director of Career and Personal Development!


Katie Vasconcelos-Director of Sisterhood

I am a complete Disney girl at heart and am constantly planning my next Disney vacation. When I’m not in the lab you can find me baking magic bars, watching The Office for the 50th time, playing some random video game with friends, or talking about my future home in California. Fall Out Boy and Imagine Dragons have stolen my heart. I’m allergic to Benadryl (ironic) and caffeine (yes, college is extremely difficult and seeing people with their coffees is always sad) but caffeine free Coca Cola makes up for it. Chi Omega has given me the home that I never knew I needed.


Kylie Smith-

Director of Friendship and Social

Growing up on Plum Island, MA has made me a total beach girl. You can catch me on the beach at any time of the year either playing with my dog, surfing, or reading a John Scalzi book. Along with surfing, I also snowboard and play lacrosse and soccer. One of my biggest passions is traveling and I have been to 9 countries: US, Mexico, Canada, Spain, France, Netherlands, Iceland, Namibia, and South Africa. I also love concerts and have been to 11: Vance Joy (X3), Chance the Rapper (X2), The 1975, A$AP Rocky, The Dirty Heads, Selena Gomez, Kelly Clarkson, and The Black Eyed Peas (middle school me was LIVING). I am so thankful to have a home in Chi O and am grateful for the opportunity to serve as the Director of Friendship and Social this year :)


Sarah Strazdus-

Director of Campus Activities

Being from Pennsylvania, my friends here often find it funny when I say eggs with a long ‘a’ sound, will never understand the beauty of Sheetz, and I always have to use The Office to describe where I live. I love traveling to new places and haven’t been to nearly enough countries yet, but some of my favorite trips have been to Hawaii and Germany. 90% of my clothes are burgundy and I’m addicted to coffee and chocolate. I low-key love sad songs and will listen to a good album on repeat for weeks. I strive to come out of my comfort zone, experience new things, and try to find a little bit of happiness in everything. Chi Omega has given me so many opportunities to do this and I can’t wait to serve our chapter as Director of Campus Activities over the next year!


Jen Gomes-

Director of Marketing

Any chance I get you’ll catch me outside! I’m absolutely obsessed with the outdoors – anything from hiking to skiing to just chilling in a hammock somewhere. Unpopular opinion I really don’t like the beach and am terrified of dogs, but if you do show me cute dogs pictures I will probably still say “aww.” I’m a serial TV show re-watcher (I’ve watched Game of Thrones 8 times through!) and I’m almost constantly expanding my playlists on Spotify. I’m stoked to act as Chi Omega’s Director of Marketing this year and I’m excited to get to show everyone how amazing our sisters are!

Headshots (9).jpg

Brooke Honzel-

Alumni Chair

At any given point in time, you can find me in either the library or the campus center with a coffee in one hand and my planner in the other! I’m a biology nerd and a med school hopeful, but I hate any jokes about how the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell (be original with your bio jokes!!). If I’m not studying (which is rare), I’m probably sleeping or watching Netflix (I’ve watched The Office, Parks and Rec, and Grey’s Anatomy probably a thousand times each). I’ve made it my personal mission to pet every dog that I see on campus, so let me know if you see a puppy somewhere!