As an organization, Chi Omega’s have six core values: friendship, high standard of personnel, sincere learning and creditable scholarship, participation in campus activities, career and personal development, and community service. Our sisters strive to embrace all these values in their daily lives, both for themselves and others. The friendships created during the first years of membership are life-long and provide an elaborate support system for all sisters. Chi Omega holds all of its members to high standards of personnel and expects sisters to have integrity and excellent character. In addition to character, members are expected to contribute their scholastic achievements to the sisterhood. Sisters are encouraged to study hard, not only during their collegiate experience, but throughout life. Embracing the excitement of learning and helping others learn is an important part of being a Chi Omega. Additionally, involvement in campus is also an important part of being a good student and our sisters are involved in many different campus activities. Not only are Chi Omega sisters participants in clubs and teams around WPI, but they are also leaders. Our sisters become more well-rounded individuals who have extraordinary skills to offer the world. The leadership learned in campus activities allows our sisters to strive to be the best they can be. Members of Chi Omega are marketable and able to use the skills they learned during membership to further their careers for years to come. Joining Chi Omega introduces a wide variety of networking opportunities as our sisters continue to help each other after college. Besides helping their sisters, Chi Omega’s help the community. The national philanthropy of Chi Omega is the Make-A-Wish Foundation and many of our sisters have a personal connection to the cause. Helping others makes our sisters humble and able to recognize the impact they are making on the world. With these six purposes, the sisters of Chi Omega are striving to become better individuals while working together.